Solar Eclipse 2017 – shifts in energy

Watching the solar eclipse yesterday was a profoundly beautiful experience.  My husband and I drove to Gering, NE and easily found a wonderful campsite, had an amazing bike ride and then a local concert the night before the eclipse.  Then on the 21st we settled into our camp chairs, glasses on, and listened to beautiful new age music as we watched the moon slowing glide past the sun.  As I watched, I sensed the hot, majestic sun being a symbol of the masculine energy of power, heat, and expressing over activity at this time.  As the moon began to cover the sun, it looked to me like a mother’s breast, a beautiful symbol of the divine feminine, of a mother’s love.  As I continued to experience this amazing event, I felt the sun alchemizing, maturing and softening, with the mother’s love.  This moon as mother’s love was also getting so many people’s attention.  We were all watching it, free of the earthly dramas for a while, putting our attention on the celestial rhythms.  The moon was reflecting it’s umbra, shadow, to remind us all of the tenderness we need to give ourselves and others as we calibrate to balance in love.  The deep love of the Mother can fill our systems as we proceed forward in the light and dark, always cared for and practicing our care for each other and the planet.  The solar eclipse was a profound reminder of the importance of balance, flow and the strength of love.