Rejuvenating your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Summer is a great time to take time for yourself. This can be challenging when so many activities are available, especially if you have children. Let this be a reminder to balance your own needs along with those of others. Instead of letting the summer slip by,  take a few minutes to reflect on what really give you pleasure and relaxation.

You can create ways to rejuvenate yourself which you can included in your daily summer routine. Have a facial, take a walk in the Garden of the Gods, or have lunch with a friend.   Plan something each week that lifts your spirits.         Imagine having a massage, listening to ocean music and letting your busy mind be empty. Now that’s satisfying!

Now, look at planning what I call mini-vacations – one, two or three days to treat yourself. When you let yourself “unplug” you can feel the stress release just by stepping out of your daily routine. The key is to do it, not just think about it. Many of us are bombarded by challenges, busyness, and the constant flood of technology. Imagine with me that you’re at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs floating in warm, soothing water. Enjoy hearing the river flow by and see the white beautiful clouds overhead.         Ahhhhh! This can be you this summer.   Other activities may be biking, hiking, or exploring a mountain town.         Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for the gift.

A longer vacation can give you even more peace, as long as you don’t try to pack in too much along the way. With the stresses of 9-11, the fires, the drought, and perhaps family issues, let the sweet beauty of nature soothe your spirit, move out the kinks and knots in your body, and allow for acknowledgement and release of         your emotions. Let nature inspire you to remember that there is a bigger picture and a higher good always taking place. Let us remember that we are co-creators in our lives and give ourselves the gift to create our thoughts, honor our emotions, and take care of our bodies.

Feel the benefits of this wonderful treatment you can give yourself.         Now plan it and enjoy the experience.

By Ruth Meinking, LPC, Holistic Counselor and Fearless Living Coach
1495 Garden of the Gods Rd., #105
Colorado Springs, CO 80907