Mothering…what we’ve always needed

When I became a mother many moons ago, I was directly confronted with my ideals for being the mother I wanted to be for my children. As I look back,

I see how I struggled with my idealistic desires in the face of reality. There never seemed to be enough time, patience, money, space or energy. I gave what I could amidst the many demands of work, family, and school. However, the values of mothering were my anchor – unconditional love, focused attention, being present, support, encouragement, and guidelines for healthy boundaries.

We never stop needing the values of mothering ourselves and we can learn to meet this need within ourselves. Expecting from others (like our own mother) or what we’re supposed to do for others can sometimes fall short of what we need inside.

What are your mothering needs? Here are some ideas you can put into proactive action in your daily life to get those needs met that you’ve always wanted:

In meditation, imagine being loved, held and cherished by the perfect mother figures. Allow yourself to feel, see and hear the love, touch, and encouragements.
Acknowledge yourself every day, especially when you’re having a really “bad” day. For example, say, “I am a beautiful expression of Light, no matter what!”.
Create and use support systems from others. Choose people who can truly be there for you.
*Pamper yourself – let in the goodness, nurturing and love. This can be with music, a leisurely walk in nature, or a special treat like a massage or yoga class.
Set intentions for yourself and keep your commitment to you to follow through
Tell yourself the things you always wanted to hear from your mother such as, “I love myself just the way I am, I have always been whole and complete, I know that all my needs and wants are met easily and effortlessly”.

You know better that anyone else what your “mothering” needs and wants are.

Enjoy receiving them from you and being supported by others that champion your wondering being.