Living a Holistic Lifestyle

We see the word holistic in many different places today.  We associate it with words like whole, wholesome, Spirit, balance, and nature. I am delighted to see this emerging into mainstream America.  But, what does this mean in our everyday life and how do we truly live it? I believe holistic means that each person is a system of body, emotions, mind and spirit. We experience homeostasis when these components are attended to and in a fluid balance.

Here are some ideas for living a holistic lifestyle. We can wonder and theorize about it but the true joy lies in living it. Each aspect of ourselves needs attending to.

Let’s start with your body and how you treat it. Do you love it, all of it, no matter what? We honor our body by loving it, especially the parts we may like to be different than they are.         Feeding our body food it functions on best also helps us stay in balance. Listen to your body and feed it food that supports health and well being.         Remember, you are what you eat!         Also, stretch and exercise your body in ways that works for you and do it regularly. I enjoy yoga, walking, and biking. If you don’t already have a routine, be creative in starting one that you enjoy.

Now, for your emotions – all of them.         Many people learn at a young age that some emotions are supported by those around you and others are not.         You may have grown up in a family where anger was inappropriately expressed and you then decided never to be like that.         Guess What? Your anger then gets stuffed down inside you and usually surfaced in a big, inappropriate way when you least want it to.         Take time to feel your emotions.         They’re yours and it honors you to feel them.         Let loose of the emotions you’ve held from the past.         Feel your emotions healthily today and let them move through you like wind or water. Find healthy ways to release the intense emotions, such as exercise, hitting with a bat, breath work, or painting.

Your mind required attending to because it can run rampant a lot of the time.         Our self-talk, left unattended, can spew negative thoughts 24 hours a day. Meditation is a way to let our mind be still and be receptive to Spirit that is only love and positive energy. Let go of negative beliefs you may base your life on and tell yourself the truth about your wholeness. Transform “I’ll never be enough” to “I am plenty”.         Let go of “I’m not lovable” to “I’m unconditionally loved by Spirit”. You can journal, join a support group, read, or teach. Over time, the old “tapes” of limiting beliefs will fade away because they’re not getting the “air time” they used to.         Fill your mind with truth and you will be free.

Our spiritual nature is that unique expression of Spirit that is you.         We get to celebrate this in a variety of ways.         One of the ways I enjoy this is in create a sacred space or altar at home. This is a special place where you may meditate, draw, journal, or chant to remember and celebrate your Spirituality. The altar may include candles, incense, special shells or stones, and/or handmade objects that have special meaning to you. Take time each day to be with this altar and affirm your Oneness. Declare your intentions about your day. Intentions are affirmations infused with the energy of Divine Spirit.         Let this guide and support you throughout your day.         Also, take time during your workday to breath in Spirit, to remind yourself that you are Spirit fed and Spirit led.

When we attend to the different aspects of ourselves, we begin to live a holistic lifestyle with grace, peace and trust.         We feel the balance from within.         Throughout the day, pay attention, without judgment, to your body, emotions, mind, and Spirit. Notice how it’s going and then choose how you can honor this whole, wonder expression of the Divine that is you.         Namaste!