E-Spirations Video

Music by Stephen Bennett (www.harpguitar.com), photographs by Hannah Meinking, words by Ruth Meinking and production by Larry Fontana. Created in 2003.




Especially now it is time to Celebrate the sweet, goodness of life. Stop what you’re doing, which may be three things at once, and just be thankful, for the full, slow breath that flows in and out of your miraculous body. To Celebrate, to remember, what you’re thankful for, requires wanting to focus on the good. Right now, allow yourself to become aware of something or someone that lifts your spirits.

Let the awareness increase Like a rheostat switch bright and expansive bright and expansive. Let it begin in your heart and flow outward. It’s ok to celebrate, to be Happy, even when the shadows or darkness are around us. Life is the light and dark, Life is the light and dark known and unknown, sweet and sour. Embrace the light, let it guide you, to more and more light. We give this gift to ourselves. Then it ripples out to all those we connect with. When we celebrate we lift our spirits and share this lightness with this lightness with the world. Now that’s something to be thankful for. Breath this in and out, slowly; just right now, and the next right now.


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