Coping Strategies for Maintaining Wellness

Emotional Well-being:

Practice venting, not complaining – let the “lid” off in healthy ways

Be aware of what you’re feeling and just feel it. For example, it’s healthy to feel your sadness without making yourself wrong for it.

Don’t take things personal. Other people have their feelings too and you don’t need to take responsibility for them, just you.

Mental Well-being:

Be willing to recognize the reality of situations and tell yourself the truth. An example would be if you’re unemployed, you get to stay focused on being employable versus making up a story that you’ll end up living under a bridge soon.

Be your own champion. Be encouraging and supportive to yourself. Tell yourself “I’m doing the best I can”. “I can learn and grow from this experience”. “I’m a good person no matter what”.
Physical Well-being:

Take care of your body. It’s the only one you have and you can’t trade it in for a new one. Your body needs exercise and to be fed well.
Spiritual Well-being:

Take time to connect to your Higher Power or however you experience Spirit.

Meditation gives your busy mind a break to be quiet and receive “refueling” from the universe.

Create meaningful Spiritual practices that feed your soul.