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Yield to the present

I recently visited Spirit Rock in Califormia.  Upon entering you pass a sign stating, “Yield to the Present”. I so appreciate this reminder to stay right here, in the present and to yield to it.  Yesterday is  past with all it’s adventures, sorrows,and delights.  Tomorrow is yet to be.  When I choose to be fully …

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World Peace morning

I awaken predawn to silence.  I move through the dark, chilled-to-the bone cold, eyes open to the magic of now.  I breathe deeply, anticipating the gathering for peace.  Circles of sanctuary have formed, eyes open and closed – intent on co-creating peace.  The music carries me deep inside and around the planet.  I feel the …

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Inner Beauty

Albert Einstein saw beauty as an expression of a greater order in the creation, stating that Mozart’s music is so pure and beautiful that I see it as a reflection of the inner beauty of the universe.  – Gregg Braden

Intentions Create Reality

“Your dispositions, aptitudes, and attitudes reflect your intentions. Your intentions create the reality that you experience. Until you become aware of this, it happens unconsciously. Therefore, be mindful of what you project. That is the first step toward authentic power.” – Gary Zukav from Seat of the Soul

Expressing Creativity

Each of us expresses creativity in our own unique way, according to our originality of being. As we evolve, we tap into the sizzling juices in the act of co-creating our lives. The world is begging for creativity, not imitation. The more consciously we participate, the more we will be original. This means we are …

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From Journey to Center

“Each one of us has the control and power each moment to breathe, get centered, let go, and learn for the sheer joy of it. Take a good hard look at your dis empowering rules and change them to ones you can control.” Tom Crum from Journey to Center.

E-Spirations Video

Music by Stephen Bennett (, photographs by Hannah Meinking, words by Ruth Meinking and production by Larry Fontana. Created in 2003.     Transcript: Especially now it is time to Celebrate the sweet, goodness of life. Stop what you’re doing, which may be three things at once, and just be thankful, for the full, slow …

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