July 2014 archive

Intentions Create Reality

“Your dispositions, aptitudes, and attitudes reflect your intentions. Your intentions create the reality that you experience. Until you become aware of this, it happens unconsciously. Therefore, be mindful of what you project. That is the first step toward authentic power.” – Gary Zukav from Seat of the Soul

Mothering…what we’ve always needed

When I became a mother many moons ago, I was directly confronted with my ideals for being the mother I wanted to be for my children. As I look back, I see how I struggled with my idealistic desires in the face of reality. There never seemed to be enough time, patience, money, space or …

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Coping Strategies for Maintaining Wellness

Emotional Well-being: Practice venting, not complaining – let the “lid” off in healthy ways Be aware of what you’re feeling and just feel it. For example, it’s healthy to feel your sadness without making yourself wrong for it. Don’t take things personal. Other people have their feelings too and you don’t need to take responsibility …

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Rejuvenating your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Summer is a great time to take time for yourself. This can be challenging when so many activities are available, especially if you have children. Let this be a reminder to balance your own needs along with those of others. Instead of letting the summer slip by,  take a few minutes to reflect on what …

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Stay the Course

Well now it’s March and I’m wondering how you’re doing with your good ideas and New Year’s resolutions you made a couple months ago. Have they slipped to the way side or are you staying on track? Sometimes it’s a challenge to get our boat out of an old pattern or rut and stay the …

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Setting Intentions for the New Year

You may find yourself hopeful this New Year for your life to be different, for problems to go away, and for life to be easier.         I encourage you to take the leap from hope to faith this year and put the power of intention into action in your life. I recently …

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Living a Holistic Lifestyle

We see the word holistic in many different places today.  We associate it with words like whole, wholesome, Spirit, balance, and nature. I am delighted to see this emerging into mainstream America.  But, what does this mean in our everyday life and how do we truly live it? I believe holistic means that each person …

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Expressing Creativity

Each of us expresses creativity in our own unique way, according to our originality of being. As we evolve, we tap into the sizzling juices in the act of co-creating our lives. The world is begging for creativity, not imitation. The more consciously we participate, the more we will be original. This means we are …

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Creating Joy Along the Way

Most mornings, I walk my dog knowing we both need the fresh air and exercise. He is always ecstatic and bounds into the air leaping for joy. We’ve decided that if he had a word that describes him it would be “now”. Let’s play ball now, let’s go for a walk now, let’s go in …

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From Journey to Center

“Each one of us has the control and power each moment to breathe, get centered, let go, and learn for the sheer joy of it. Take a good hard look at your dis empowering rules and change them to ones you can control.” Tom Crum from Journey to Center.