Holistic Counseling

Inspirational stonesWhile honoring the mind, body and Spirit we truly can release old, limiting patterns and live fully in this present moment. Ruth will coach and guide you to live your intentions.

Holistic Counseling and Life Coaching attends to all aspects of each person. Our health relies upon the balance of our emotional, mental, physical and Spiritual well being.  When our Authentic self is blocked, we may experience depression, anxiety, resentment, disease, and difficulties in relationships.

We all have the ability to live life fully.  Moving through change in healthy ways gives us more and more options to do so.Psychotherapy has traditionally looked at healing the past so we can live healthily today.  Holistic Counseling adds the perspective that we can create the healthy future that we want from being aligned with our true, innate nature attending to all aspects of ourselves for this alignment.

You can choose to live a full and satisfying life!

If you Struggle with: >  You can change this to:
  • Depression
Feeling your emotions healthily
  • Relationship Issues
Love yourself and your partner
  • Physical Abuse
Healing past wounds
  • Emotional Abuse
Making life-giving choices
  • Grief
  • Separation from God
Friendship with God




Techniques may include:

  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Discover limiting mental patterns and create positive ones
  • Breath work
  • Release the past so to live fully in the present moment



Yield to the present

I recently visited Spirit Rock in Califormia.  Upon entering you pass a sign stating, “Yield to the Present”. I so appreciate this reminder to stay right here, in the present and to yield to it.  Yesterday is  past with all it’s adventures, sorrows,and delights.  Tomorrow is yet to be.  When I choose to be fully …

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World Peace morning

I awaken predawn to silence.  I move through the dark, chilled-to-the bone cold, eyes open to the magic of now.  I breathe deeply, anticipating the gathering for peace.  Circles of sanctuary have formed, eyes open and closed – intent on co-creating peace.  The music carries me deep inside and around the planet.  I feel the …

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